My name is Cameron Moses. I am a Lake Havasu High School and University of Arizona Alumni. I am a founding member and past president of the Only Orchids Charity. I am a Rotarian. I am a local business owner. I am a husband. I am a father. I am also a fierce believer in Woodrow Wilson’s sentiment that, “You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."

As a resident and business owner in Lake Havasu City for over 14 years, I am incredibly grateful to call Lake Havasu City home. I’m proud to have graduated from Lake Havasu High School, to have met my wife here, and to be raising my family in the same neighborhoods as where I’ve grown up. I am a Havasuvian to my core, and I can’t wait to someday retire here to enjoy the sunshine and hospitality that our town so readily offers.

I am fortunate enough to have enjoyed many years of success in our town, and I’ve always felt a tremendous obligation to serve the community that has allowed me to provide for and support my family. Whether it be professional leadership roles on the Lake Havasu City Chamber of Commerce Board, leadership within charitable organizations like the Only Orchids Charities and Lake Havasu City Rotary Club or through life-changing programs like Rachel’s Challenge via the K12 Foundation, I am absolutely committed doing my part to make our community the best it can be.

With your blessing, I’m seeking the position of Lake Havasu City Council member. Our town is on an upward trajectory of growth and prosperity; many of our previous leaders have done the good work of steering this ship to where we are now. I would be honored to serve the citizens of Lake Havasu and continue this proud tradition of responsible growth.

My Goal For Lake Havasu City

MY GOAL for Lake Havasu is a vibrant community that fosters creativity and entrepreneurship. I see our town as a place where hard working, innovative people are rewarded accordingly, so they can stay in our community and continue to invest in each other. Ours is a community where if you’re willing to dedicate yourself, the opportunities are endless. Here, the best and brightest minds are supported by our local education systems and students have the ability to stay and grow both as professionals and people.


MY STRATEGY for decision making on the Lake Havasu City Council is straightforward. Every vote I place on behalf of the community will be considered in a 4-way test: the four questions that I will ask myself for every issue that is brought before the council.

1. IS IT TRUE? Information gathering is fundamental, and I vow to not take anything at face value. I will diligently research every topic to ensure our community will not be misled.

2. WILL THIS BE BENEFICIAL TO OUR COMMUNITY? Although it seems like an easy enough question, leaders can lose sight of what is truly important. By reflecting on the value added, I will also always remember who I was elected to represent.

3. WILL THIS STILL BE BENEFICIAL TO OUR COMMUNITY IN 20 YEARS? Foresight is critical. Considering long term impact will ensure that we continue to maintain the efficiency we’ve previously established in addition to continuous improving.

4. WILL THIS BRING US TOGETHER AS A COMMUNITY? If we are to continue to grow as a community, we must also continue to come together as a community. I commit to using my influence to bring people together, to establish connections, to build relationships, and to build mutual beneficial understandings.


MY BELIEF is that public service is more than the ability to do a job efficiently and with integrity. Public service is a complete and unwavering dedication to the people and community in which you’ve been called to serve. Every person deserves to be heard and treated with courtesy. Criticism is invaluable because it provides the opportunity for reflection and improvement. Elected officials have a responsibility to seek feedback constantly and to improve relentlessly. Differing opinions don’t result in unresolved friction, it results in a spark that will ignite the best of what Lake Havasu City citizens have to offer.

I am Cameron Moses. I am here to LISTEN. I am here to LEARN. I am here to SERVE.